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Welcome Note from Tracy

Updated: Jan 14

Thanks so much for visiting our new website, it has been a long time coming! The picture you see (below) is of me holding a photo of my neglectful beau, Don Draper (Jon Hamm). He plays my absentee boyfriend - and what can I say - it's just not working out! Of course, it's meant as a joke in our comedic silent movie, Inside a Melody, which we wrote and filmed ourselves. Truth be told, I couldn't be a bigger fan of the series Mad Men. But I digress...

There is a lot that Amy and I want to share in this space on our website - things that will be helpful for your own music-making projects. We have some ideas for future topics, here are some things we are brainstorming:

We would love for you to get in touch with any questions or suggestions of your own. Simply email us at and let us know.

Cheers everyone - stay tuned for more!


Tracy wondering why her neglectful beau Don Draper hasn't reached out lately.
Our movie, Inside a Melody

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