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Our Original Silent Movie

Inside a Melody
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Written, Produced & Directed by Amy Anderson

Edited by Ashely Phinney

Original Music by Tracy Anderson & Bill Stevenson

Running Time: 39 min 09s

Starring: Tracy Anderson, Ivy Charles, Jamie Corbett, Tammy Anderson, Nick Lawson, Garrett Barker, Sierra Godwin, Adam Rairdon, Jordy Jeppesen, Marissa Whiteway, Ryan Duffley, Jack Smith, Isaac Thompson, Jay Wade.

Filming locations:  Halifax, NS
                              Fredericton, NB
                              Woodstock, NB
                              Florenceville, NB

Released: Winter 2018


Synopsis: A songwriter struggling to complete her masterpiece makes an unexpected visit to a magical healer, meeting many colorful characters along the way.


INSIDE A MELODY is not only an album, it is an original silent movie that was produced, written, and directed by Tin Pan Darlings piano-player, Amy Anderson. Its initial conception began after the collection of songs had already been written and finalized by composers Tracy Anderson and Bill Stevenson. The songs served as a catalyst to a script, which Amy Anderson sequenced and wove into the story you see today.

Influences of INSIDE A MELODY come from the 1920/30s silent era, which was dominated by actors and creators like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Undeniable in its influence by the shadowy film noir movement, songwriter Tracy is pulled into a mysterious intuitive underworld where she meets a Magical Healer, the grand Mme. Bélami, Jimmy the Barkeep, The Hustler & Cop, all whilst a romance unfolds between The Errand Girl and her Love Interest.

When the project was first released in 2018, Tin Pan Darlings toured the Maritimes presenting the movie while the band played the music as the movie rolled. As you can imagine, it's not an easy task to stay synced up to a live movie, but it was - and continues to be - a fun challenge. It also provides a unique viewing experience for the audience. 

This project was grassroots, slow to come to fruition, and took about four years to complete. Perhaps without the steadfast dedication of Amy Anderson, it may have never made it into this world, but here it is, for your personalized viewing pleasure. Enjoy! 

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