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Amy Anderson (sitting)
Tracy Anderson (standing)

About Tin Pan Darlings

If you enjoy musical throwbacks to a bygone era, Tin Pan Darlings is the group for you! Their debut album, INSIDE A MELODY is a fun and unique project that will transport you to an era full of speakeasies, heartening romance, and colourful characters. The group is made up of sister duo Amy and Tracy Anderson, supported by a strong East Coast rhythm section to keep the band cooking!
Onstage, Tracy Anderson channels the vocal stylings of Ella Fitzgerald with her well-crafted melodies. The songs from INSIDE A MELODY were written by Tracy and reflect her deep influence of composers from the Great American Songbook, such as Hoagy Carmichael and Jerome Kern. Tin Pan Darling favourites include “Whiskey or Wine”, “Your Memory is a Song”, and “String of Pearls”, which are sure to have you singing along.
INSIDE A MELODY is also a 30-minute silent movie, written, directed, and produced by piano player Amy Anderson and filmed around parts of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Canada. The songs were written before the movie, and served as a catalyst for a script, which Amy Anderson sequenced and wove into the movie you see today.

Integral to the making of INSIDE A MELODY was East Coast producer, piano-player/singer, Bill Stevenson - a mainstay on the Maritime Jazz scene. Stevenson produced and arranged the album, playing piano, overdubing tracks, and more. The album features many other well-known East Coast Musicians: Geoff Arsenault (dr), Tom Easley (bass), Martin Davidson (sax), Mike Carroll (dr), Danny Martin (trb), James Ervin (tpt), Cameron Corey (dr), Adam Bourque (bass), and Ray Legère (violin).

Tin Pan Darlings received nominations from the East Coast Music Association & Music Nova Scotia in 2018/19 for INSIDE A MELODY, as well as being featured on CBC’s Shift, East Coast Music Hour, Campus Radio (peaked at no. 7 on !earshot), Telegraph Journal, Grid City, and The East Mag. They also received funding from FACTOR Canada which helped to propel their project to completion.

The sister duo is thrilled to return to live performances, letting their quirky, story telling music swing its way into the hearts of listeners and movie watchers alike! Check out their music on social media and be sure to stop by their official website for updates:

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